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Pool cover

Pool Covers (Automatic and Standard)

People standing on pool

• Universal and recessed track system

    - Provides an easy way to cover a new or existing pool


• Under track and track channel

    - Makes it easy for deck on deck applications around any vinyl pool;

       used for freeform pools with undertake


• Coping and channel for vinyl-liner pools

    - Offers an attractive one-piece coping for undertrack; offers a vinyl-liner receiver to be used with a

       track channel; can be used for vinyl-liner pools with square, 6- or 24-inch radius corners


Living in an ever-changing climate increases the need to keep heat and chemicals in your pool during the fall and winter seasons to help keep it clean. Having a pool cover also makes your pool area safer when not in use. Available in a variety of colors and styles, a pool cover can be ordered to match its surroundings. Available pool covers include:

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