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New Technology Does the Work

If you’re ready to install a pool, you’re fortunate. New technology allows automated systems to regulate much of the work for you. Aquatic Pools Ltd believes in the technical advances of ScreenLogic2 Interface, IntelliTouch® and EasyTouch® control systems.



Wouldn’t it be great if your pool and spa heating, filtration and cleaning cycles monitored themselves? With the IntelliTouch® control system, they can! Eliminate the worry and work by getting a control system that can:


• Give you one-touch control on your energy efficient four speed pump and spa pump.

• User-friendly, 10-function side mount control

• Keep your equipment operating efficiently

• Save energy and money

• Alerts you to problems

• Be remotely controlled and monitored


Automated control systems are customized to each individual spa and pool. Despite their high-tech design, they’re also easy to operate! For more information on the system’s specifications, go to the IntelliTouch® brochure.




The color-changing IntelliBrite® 5g lights use LED technology to produce pool lighting that is energy efficient, long-lasting and easy to control. These underwater lights are a combination of individual colored LEDs that through mixing and matching achieve a range of colors. The lights are then set to cycle through the colors at various speeds and in different sequences. The best part is they use over 82 percent less energy than traditional pool lamps. With IntelliBrite® 5g lights, you can enjoy lighting with:


• 5 predetermined fixed colors

• 7 pre-programmed light shows

• Even distribution of the brightest LED light


For more information, check out the IntelliBrite® 5g lights brochure.


Fixed Color Choices

Intellitouch colours

The Brightest White Lighting

The savings really add up with the IntelliBrite® 5g White LED light. By using just 70 watts, it produces the same output as a 500 watt incandescent light bulb. Want to learn how much you can save? Go to the online calculator and click on the LED Lights Savings Calculator.

ScreenLogic2 Interface

ScreenLogic2 Interface


Check out the brochure.



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