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swimming pool with vinyl

Pick the Right Spot for Your New Pool or Spa

When you’re ready to add a pool/spa and or pool house to your property, be sure to put it in the right place. You want it to blend in with the landscaping and have the right traffic flow. You want the shallow end of your pool and the access doors near your sitting area. Watch the sun for a week to make sure you place it where it will get the most sun, and don’t forget to put it somewhere that you can enjoy the view from inside and out.

As you’re contemplating adding a pool, ask yourself a few of these questions:

Q. How long does it take to install a pool?

A. There are a lot of decisions and factors to consider when installing a pool, Where to locate the shallow end and or deep end of your pool, side and back yard setbacks for locating sheds and pools, traffic to and from your pool/spa and house; and gardens to save or trees to remove. Provided the ground is properly prepared an in ground pool installation can last around last six weeks.

Q. What should I know about the construction process?

A. Make sure the contract complies with existing codes and the contractor will get the necessary engineering and building permits. Be aware that some inconveniences may occur during the construction process.

Q. What kind of heater should I use?

A. When buying a pool heater, you want to consider how energy efficient it is. You also must consider your own fuel preference. Whether you choose gas, electric or heat pump, be sure you get it from a reputable manufacturer and supplier, such as Aquatic Pools Ltd.

Q. Why do people use pool covers?

A. Evaporation is the largest source of energy loss for pools and spas. Covering the pool minimizes evaporation, reduces heating costs, helps keep the pool clean and prevents valuable chemical loss, as the heater water goes so do the chemicals for water balance.

Q. How long does a pool house construction take?

A. The design/construction completion times depends on your needs.

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